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BIKE RENTAL SIENA - Tour and Guide in the City

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Bike rental services are very common in Tuscany. You can find plenty of bike shops which can rent you a bike for your sightseeing needs. Our company Tuscany Ride a Bike stands out from the competition because it can offer you the best bike rental service to the city of Siena.

In fact, by choosing our rental service you can always find:
• Bicycle tested and ready for use.
• The experience of more than ten years in the business of rental bikes. that guarantees you the best service in case of problems.
• The use of the latest technologies for your safety and convenience of your trip.
• The ability to satisfy the demand for a very high number of bicycles (we can manage very big groups).
• The ability to deliver you the bikes anywhere in the territory of Siena, in order to allow you to immediately enjoy your bike ride.

When you have to choose a bike rental shop, do not stop at the first store that you can find on the street.
Start by doing some research on the Internet, informing you about offers available.
Visit our site Tuscany Ride a Bike for the rental of bicycles, for example. You can find all the information on recommended routes and the bike tours that we can arrange for you.

Contact us now by phone or email at Tuscany Ride a Bike for special needs or to make a booking for your next holidays.
Our knowledge of the city of Siena allows us to offer you the best bike rental service that you could wish for.
Moreover, our staff can also arrange guided tours of the city and its countryside. We will provide you expert guides who will accompany you and your group to discover the wonders of one of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany.
We wait for you at Tuscany Ride a Bike!

At Tuscany Ride a Bike you can find all information about renting a bike to visit Siena and its countryside. Cycling Siena is the best experience you can do in a city that is declared by UNESCO a "World Heritage Site". Indeed, in Siena you can visit beautiful museums, see incredible artistic buildings, and even have a taste of a faboulous wine. Our bike tour in Siena are the perfect choice to enjoy one of the most visited city in Europe, a jewel of Tuscany. In Siena, you can find beautiful examples of Gothic architectures, such as the Cathedral that has an history of about 800 years. Discover with us and our perfect Siena Guide the meaning of living in a "contrade", a little ward of the city.
Each contrade has its own animal or symbol, with very complicated mythological associations. For instance, there is the Eagle contrade, the caterpillar contrade, the snail contrade, and so on so forth. Contrades are so important for local people that all events of a life (such as marriages or baptisms) are celebrated only within the own ward and not with the others. It seems incredibly, but that is Tuscany and its magic cities!
Contrades are very famous in the world for the medieval horse race called "The Palio". On 2 July or 16 August you can rent a bike to follow the event and see the traditional parade in the famous elliptical square called Piazza del Campo.

However, Siena is a beautiful city not only for its Historic Center, but also for the amazing countryside. Very famous are the hills that are a feast for the eyes of visitors.
You can easily visit the small country lanes with one of our bikes equipped with everything you need. Our experts guide can organize bike tour for all your needs. Bike tours are also suitable for children due to the models of bicycles designed especially for them.

Bike Rental and Bike Tours in Siena

Book now your next trip in Siena visiting Tuscany Ride a Bike: Our staff extremely friendly and competent will be ready to meet your every need. We can arrange trips of one or more days. In this way, you visit the most important tourist attractions. Moreover, after cycling Siena, you can pamper yourself with a spa, or you can enjoy good food and wine.
Our bike tours are in fact organized in order to enjoy your holiday in the best way. We can turn every day into an unforgettable experience.

Tuscany Ride a Bike can manage bike rental service in a perfect way. You can also book the bikes before you start your holiday. In this manner, when you will be in Siena, you will find your perfect bikes and enjoy the vacation.
Especially in spring and summer, cycling the city on the edge of a sport bike is beautiful and unique.